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Driver Requirements 


• Minimum 23 years old


• Valid CDL

  • Issued by state of residence
  • HazMat endorsement preferred

• TWIC card preferred


• Refresher course might be needed if no experience in previous 3 years
• 12 months recent, VERIFIABLE OTR experience (Truck Driving School Preferred)

  • Experience reviewed

Previous Employment

• Prefer no more than 3 jobs in the previous 12 months
• Gaps in the 3 years of employment must be verified 

  • Verify driving jobs via all means possible
  • Mail out verification form to non-driving positions

• All gaps of employment will be researched for the 10 year history

Driving Record

• No more than 3 moving violation convictions in the last 5 years

  • Recent moving violations carry a heavy weight concern

• No DOT Recordable (preventable) accident in the previous 12 months
• No more than 4 preventable accidents in the previous 5 years

  • Recent accidents carry a heavy weight concern

• No major moving violations in the past 2 years

  • Speeding 15+ = Excessive Speed
  • Reckless or Careless Driving
  • Improper or Erratic Lane Changes
  • Following Too Close
  • Driving a CMV Without Proper Class of CDL and/or Endorsements
  • Traffic Device Resulting in a Fatality

Criminal Background

• No DUI/DWI in the previous 5 years

  • No more than 2 in a lifetime

• No previous positive DOT regulated drug or alcohol test results or refusals 
• All felonies, misdemeanors and other convictions reviewed
• No felony narcotic related convictions 

  • Marijuana Convictions
    > Misdemeanor conviction only
    > Less than 1 ounce
    > Must be at least 5 years old
    > No more than 2 in a lifetime


• Subject to DOT physical 
• Negative pre-employment DOT required drug screen
• Pass a functional capacity test
• Must be able to perform the essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodations